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Police: Man stole brains, sold them on eBay

Police: Man stole brains, sold them on eBayINDIANAPOLIS — The details sound like the plot of a bad horror movie: Desperate for cash, a young man breaks into a warehouse to steal the brains of dead mental patients, and the body parts are later sold

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Trijicon RMR: A useful insight

The reflex sight of the Trijicon RMRis amazing because it provides long distance marksmanship. Ruggedised miniature reflex provides impeccable output to the users. The device consists of a little window with a yellow dot. If you are focused on the target, you would always see

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The Variety Mossberg 500 Accessories

Mossberg 500 is a series of guns manufactured by O.F. Mossberg and Sons since 1961. O.F. Mossberg is famous in the United States because of their cutting-edge gun products. There are four chambering that group together the wide range of shotguns they manufacture. These four

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Police to Talk to Crane Operator at Brazil Stadium

Police to Talk to Crane Operator at Brazil StadiumBrazilian police plan to talk Friday to the operator of the crane that collapsed this week and killed two workers at a stadium set to host the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament opener. Police said they hope

EOTech EXPS2-0

A Quick Review on the EOTech EXPS2-0

L3 Communications EOTech is famous even in the past decades for manufacturing holographic weapon sights and these sights are used mostly by the military aircrafts and even many law enforcers worldwide. They manufacture sights mostly intended to be mounted on small fire arms used even

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Trijicon SRS: Epitome of strength and durability

Initially people are apprehensive about Trijicon because it seems to be a huge monster with lots of optics thrown inside it. It is a big mistake because the strength and durability is awesome since the product can withstand rough usage in an impeccable manner. Well